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Many weddings start with an engagement rings and a proposal.

You might be looking for this as a couple, and might have some ideas. Or you might be a man with not to much experience in the field of buying jewellery.

Either way, we are here to assist you. This is what we do and we have the exact same goal as you; that she sais Yes! and will wear the ring with real joy.


Since we make the ring ourselves, we can make what ever you wish for.

This is an example of a classical band, that leaves plenty of room for a extravagent

engagement ring for her.

Different surfaces are combined. Here 18 kt yellow gold. Polished inside, and matte outside.

This can be only for the woman, or we can make a matching ring for the man.

The first important step

To select the right style for you.

After sales sevice


You are always welcome to hand the ring in and have it polished as the day you picked it up, at no charge.

Hand engraving


Among our other great suppliers we work with very skilled hand engraver, to make the text you choose match the work we do.




We are a small company, dedicated to the personal dialogue, great design and high quality.

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