To make it a good start


Many weddings start with an engagement ring and then the proposal.

You might be looking for the ring as a couple, and might have some ideas. Or you might be a man with not to much experience in the field of buying jewellery.

Either way, we are here to assist you. This is what we do and we have the exact same goal as you; that she sais Yes! and will wear the ring with real joy.


Since we make the ring ourselves, we can make what ever you wish for.

Below are few examples of what we do. Please get in touch with us, to discuss what we can do for you.


with different stones in different sizes. Is made in endless variations, according to your wishes and budget.

Prices start from € 1.500

3 or more stones makes this ring beautiful and unique.


Prices start from € 1.200

A popular and more modern version of the engagement ring. Is beautiful alone or next to a band with stones

Prices start from € 775

You can be a part of


the design process or leave it completely up to us. Either way, we make sure that both the design, material choices and the craftmanship lives up to par.

We work with


Some of the best European suppliers of diamonds and coloured gemstones. For engagement rings we recommend hard stones like rubies, saphires, morganite, alexandrite, and the like.



As a part of our great team of suppliers, we can offer the most beautiful handengravings.




We are a small company, dedicated to the personal dialogue, great design and high quality.

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